Michigan Tilapia Culture

The State of Michigan enjoys abundant water resources and a diverse agricultural base, including an aquaculture sector poised for expansion in response to the opportunities from the domestic seafood market. While in the past Michigan aquaculture has focused on bait, pond stocking, and fee fishing, there is now opportunity for growth in producing fish for human consumption. (Source: Aquaculture in Michigan – Roadmap through Regulation)


The Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development regulates aquaculture in Michigan. An overview of aquaculture regulations can be found at Aquaculture Facility Licensing Details & FAQ.

At that site, you will find a link to the aquaculture development act and the “Roadmap through Regulation”, both of which should be useful resources for you. If you are interested in selling the fish for food, you would need to talk with MDARD’s Food and Dairy Division. You can contact the main office at: 800-292-3939 and they can connect you to the person who can help you in your area of the state.

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