Washington Tilapia Culture

Washington State produces a diverse array of aquaculture products including shellfish (clams, mussels, geoducks, oysters, scallops), finfish (trout, salmon and other species) and aquatic plants. Many are grown on farms along Washington’s coast and in Puget Sound. Atlantic salmon and Pacific oysters are the major components of Washington’s total aquaculture output.
Source: Washington Aquaculture Facts

According to information supplied by Dan Swecker, Senator

“To the best of my knowledge, no one is raising tilapia in WA at this time.  Probably because the outside temperatures are so cold.  I think you would have to heat the water which I assume would make the production un-economical.  I also think you would have to raise them inside a building to conserve the heat in the water.

There is one company that is doing this type of technology for coho salmon production.  They are raising them in recirculating water inside buildings.  I think they are heating the water but not near as much as would be needed for tilapia.  Salmon are more expensive to produce this way, but the selling price per pound is much higher than tilapia.  Recirculating production is viewed by many as more sustainable which justifies the higher price.  Their website is http://sweetspringsalmon.com/


The best contact at the state would be John Kerwin with the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife in Olympia.  The phone number there is 360-902-2200.


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