Indiana Aquaculture Contacts

Agencies / Regulatory

Randy Lang Indiana
DNR – Division of Fish and  Wildlife
Phone: 317-232-4094 / Fax: 317-232-8150

Jennifer Strasser, D.V.M.
Indiana State Board of Animal Health
Fax: 317-542-1415
Cell: 574-274-3244

Education and Extension

Kwamena K. Quagrainie
Purdue University
Phone: 765-494-4200
Fax: 765-494-9176
Cell: 765-409-1352

Robert Rode
Purdue University
Phone: 765-583-0351
Fax: 765-583-2490
Cell: 765-418-5509

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant
University of Illinois
1101 W. Peabody Drive
350 National Soybean Research Center, MC-635
Urbana, IL 61801
Ph: 217.333.6444 | Fax: 217.333.8046 |

Marketing & Economics

Illinois/Indiana  aquaculture producers can be classified as small scale producers because of the  volume of production. However, income opportunities exist for small-scale  aquaculture operations if the production process is planned very well. One of  the fundamental principles in marketing is to make marketing part of the  overall production decisions. Marketing decisions should be as important as  production decisions. No matter how small the aquaculture operations may be,  developing a marketing plan for what is to be produced is the best strategy  because once fish are produced up to marketable sizes, they have to be sold.  Purdue New Venture’s Marketing Action Plan (MAP) is a useful template for developing an overall marketing plan for your  aquaculture operations. This  guide to marketing for small-scale aquaculture producers will help you to plan and develop a market for your aquaculture products; and  remain competitive as a small-scale aquaculture producer.

Try  the ‘Indiana MarketMaker,’   an interactive mapping system that locates businesses and markets of  agricultural products in Indiana, providing an important link between producers  and consumers.

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Affiliated Associations

Shelia Lingle, Aquaculture Director
5730 W 74th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46278

Steven Hart
Indiana Soybean Alliance / Indiana Corn  Marketing Council
Office: 317-347-3620
Direct: 317-644-0981
Cell: 317-650-1986

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