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What are Indiana Aquaculture Policies, and are any Permits/Licenses needed to start an aquaculture operation?

Prepared by: Randy Lang, Fisheries Staff Specialist, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Indianapolis

Aquaculture  is technically under the Department of Agriculture because the Indiana Code IC  4-4-3.8-2 stipulates the duties of commissioner of agriculture as:

  • Organize  and develop an information and market research center for aquaculture.
  • Instigate  the formation of a market and development plan for the aquaculture industry.
  • Encourage  the development and growth of aquaculture.

However,  since aquaculture involves aquatic plants and animals, the Indiana Department  of Natural Resources (IDNR) has responsibilities for monitoring aquaculture  activities to prevent escape of undesirable aquatic species into the  environment. Consequently, IDNR has state permits for the production, sale,  transportation, or release of fish in Indiana.

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Indiana  DNR – Division of Fish and Wildlife
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  1. I live in Harrison County Indiana. I am wondering if I need a special permit to purchase, own, raise, or sell Tilapia. I plan on putting the fish into large holding tanks inside a enclosed building. The water from the tank will be going to grow beds outside of the structure. The solid waste, from the tank would be going to my standard dirt garden or dried and used for a soil supplement later. Any help or a direction to the information would be appreciated. Also IF you possibly have someone to direct me to for more information in my area it would be appreciated.
    Thanks for your time…Joseph

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