Nebraska Tilapia Culture


The Game and Parks Commission regulates the aquaculture industry.  If you are raising fish for personal consumption and not for re-sale then you will not need an aquaculturist license, if you are going to sell them then you will need to apply for the $76 license.  They also regulate the importation of aquatic species so if your fish source is from outside the state then you will need an import permit.  This is a free permit.  Both forms and more information can be found on the Game and Parks website, either search “aquaculture” or follow this link:

Depending on the size of your operation you may need to contact the Department of Environmental Quality –

They regulate based on the clean water act so if you are discharging any wastes into waters of the state they may require a permit (this is usually size dependant)

Depending on your project, if you have to drill a well, you may need to contact the Natural Resource District (NRD) for your area, they oversee water usage, again this is usually a size/quantity issue, small wells are usually not an issue compared to large scale irrigation wells.

Business Development

There are a few sources of assistance with business development plans:

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