Paraguay to Offer Tilapia Training

Training Course – Tilapia to Trainer of Trainers.

Following within the actions of the Implementation of the National Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Paraguay for Strengthening National Aquaculture sector taking the F. Development Axis Scientific research, technological development and training of human resources for the development of the sector, which aims to train skilled human resources at all levels to create and apply technology to enhance their knowledge and skills, and later act as generators of new knowledge disseminators technological and technical as guarantors for small producers nationwide.

Currently the technical trainer of trainers are a foundation to promote the growth and competitiveness of the sector.

Thus the VMG and the Taiwan Technical Mission has developed courses for technicians of DEAg: Trainer of Trainers national “Workshop on Tilapia”

Chronology of the courses to be developed during the year 2013 in the Cooperation Agreement between the Deputy Minister of Livestock and the Taiwan Technical Mission.
Order Month Day Location
February 12 to 13 on the 1st Date Fry Center *
The 2nd Date March 12-13 * Fry Center
9 to 10 April the 3rd Date Fry Center
7 to 8 May the 4th Date Fry Center
Date 11 to 12 June the 5th Fry Center
9 to 10 July the 6th Date Fry Center
13 to 14 August the 7th Date Fry Center
10 to 11 September the 8th Date Fry Center
10 to 11 September the 9th Date Fry Center
Date October 10th 15-16 * Fry Center
* Fry Center located in city of Eusebio Ayala (17km from Caacupé).

For more details, see Paraguay Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock website.

The main beneficiaries of the workshops are:
30 Technical Extension Directorate of Agricultural Extension (DEAg) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG).

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