New Global Energy Expands Production of Sustainable Tilapia

Moringa & Green Algae Provides Natural Environment that Results in Healthy Tilapia

Consider recent headlines:

“Why You Should Never Eat Tilapia: Eating Tilapia Is Worse Than Eating Bacon” –

“Researchers Say Antibiotics in Fish a Health Concern” – U.S. News and World Report

“The Truth About Tilapia” – FOX News

“Most of these articles and the negative publicity related to Tilapia refer to Asian-imported Tilapia I wouldn’t eat it! We use no antibiotics or chemicals. Our Tilapia are fed the superfood Moringa and green algae for their first four months in grow-out ponds. These nutrient rich algae and other aquatic plants represent a natural environment,” said Chief Executive Officer Perry D. West.

New Global’s farms are located east of Palm Springs in the heart of the prolific Coachella Valley, California. The region is uniquely suited to grow Tilapia, which is a tropical fish, because of the area’s warm climate, longer daylight hours, longer summers and the availability of warm fresh water from geo-thermally heated wells.

“Our healthy and proprietary fish feeding methodology cuts overall feed costs in half while ensuring high-quality ‘certified and approved’ tilapia that meets the requirements of specialty retailers. By successfully solving critical cost issues through innovation and technical advancement, New Global is fast becoming the leading producer of premium seafood in Southern California and beyond,” said West.

About New Global Energy, Inc.: New Global Energy, Inc. is a public company focused on acquiring high-growth firms, assets and properties in the Green & Renewable Energy industry. The trading symbol is NGEY traded on the OTCBB. New Global Energy seeks to provide consumers with solutions that lower energy costs, create sustainable projects and protect the environment. NGE seeks to consolidate this highly fragmented industry that grosses in excess of $5 trillion per year. New Global’s goals are to research, acquire and develop affordable technologies and properties that significantly reduce our country’s dependency on foreign oil with renewable energy and create sustainable projects in four technologies of focus: Aquaculture, Solar, Agriculture, and Biofuels.

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