1. I am seeking employment in a job position that will provide knowledge and practical experience in aquaculture systems.

  2. Hi i live in kalapana HI where I have put together a 25ft long water table with a 1700 gallon pond for the fish. With this aquaponics system we can grow produce for the uncle roberts farmers market. Working on a fish farm or hatchery would be great!

  3. I am looking for a job in Aquaculture. I have a post graduate degree in fisheries and also good experience in shrimp hatchery anf tilapia farming. Kindly help

  4. I am seeking employment in Tilapia and other fresh water fish farming related fields, i hold certificates in Aquaculture Systems Management i.e Fish Biology, Fish Health and Diseases , Fish Nutrition, Water quality management, Aquaculture best practices etc. I have 2years experience to date in fish farming

  5. Hi

    I am Naseem Afsar. I have a Master Degree in Fisheries from College of Fisheries, India. I am living in Walnut Creek.

    Presently I am looking for employment in Aquaculture farms.

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