AquaBundance Modular Aquaponics Systems

Options, Options, and more Options

We don’t assume anything about your growing space and preferences. With three sizes of grow beds, from the long and narrow Sleek grow beds to the large, square Bountiful grow beds. Would you rather have more rafts than media beds? No problem! Already have built-in stands for your grow beds? You don’t need to pay for ours! Need media? We can add that in! Mix and match the elements of your system to create the aquaponics system you’ve been dreaming of.

Fully Expandable

If you are on a tight budget or about to build a larger greenhouse you can start with two media grow beds and add up to six more for a total of eight per system! You can also choose to add up to eight raft beds to your system anytime, and anywhere you like.

Raft Availability

Once you have selected the number of media beds (all of our Modular systems require at least 2 media beds for primary solid waste filtration) then you can add on up to eight Raft Beds. Raft, (AKA Deep Water Culture or DWC) grow beds are ideal for growing salad and braising greens, while grow media is best suited for fruiting and flowering plants such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Mix and match according to your eating preferences!

Waist High Comfort

All of our grow beds can be set at waist height – even our raft beds. There is simply no reason for back breaking gardening!

Constant Level Fish Tank

We use the CHOP2 time tested design principles. CHOP stands for constant height, one pump. What this means to you is through the use of sump tanks we are able to keep the water level in the fish tank at the same height at all times, creating a safe and stress-free environment for the fish. It also means that there is only one pump driving your entire system, no matter how big, saving on both maintenance and electricity.


Shipping costs for the 48 U.S. continental states are included in the pricing all of our AquaBundance Modular Systems!

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Beautiful, elegant, perfect for the tightest spaces

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